Aloe Vera is easily a simple house plant. As a houseplant, a healing gel to provide benefits throughout the year. A juicy, spring can tolerate some neglect and reverse setbacks to kill a soft plants. His gray-green leaves are fleshy and firm and ferns such, it makes a good contrast to delicate indoor plants such as African violets and spider plants.

Select the aloe vera plant, the company has other leaves with a smooth skin.


Each spring, repot the aloe vera plant. It can grow quickly in warm weather months.


loose, sandy soil and enter the aloe vera plant. Cactus filler composition of the cooling block (or 1 part potting soil, 2 parts sand mix) works well.


Choose a pot with good drainage. Fill 1/3 full with marble pebbles or ceramic pieces.


Fill the pot 2/3 full with potting mix and run the plant.


ground cover plants on the crown. Pat over the floor.


newly transplanted aloe vera juice and place in a sunny window. with southern exposure, Windows is a powerful light, ensure that the needs of aloe vera