In addition to contributing to a better work performance and safety and other characteristics of blue color, reinforced gloves and beyond the wrist extend protection not only to increase the air flow 10.5 "sleeve. The textured exterior surface less than or more efficient handling of slippery objects increases agility. works with a low coefficient of preparation ergonomic design allow for easy placement and doping AloeTUFF (doffing) is difficult to reduce fatigue and improve the agility of the fingers.


Each gloves TouchTek techniques, it employs a unique manufacturing process of removing the chemical moiety of gloves to prevent contamination of the components during skin irritation or risk of manipulation.


Thanks to the integrated technology and durable construction, AloeTUFF means to improve productivity, lower inventory loss and gloves, making it easier for old best duties. More comfortable environment and gloves less frequent change hands, and that leads to greater security compliance, the operator increases the likelihood of continued wear gloves.


AloeTUFF gloves, PPE, as well as various industry standards such as EU REACH 1907/2006, Directive 2011/65 / EU, the European Union (EU) 89 / EEC (minimal risk) of EN 420 CAT 2003 PPE I 6 minutes, including 86 hundred Add the many environmental and chemical criteria for registration security 21 CFR 177.2600 FDA 528, 2012 food minutes of the meeting.


Technical specifications:


Powder free disposable gloves nitrile $ 80,000


ACTIValoe moisturizing aloe vera gel to soothe dry, chapped skin


Absorbents lining wicks sweat to keep cool hand