All new products include aloe vera certified organic Carrington. The use of these substances can be the customer claims to own the label "contains Aloe Vera certified organic growth" and care certified organic skin, health supplements and functional foods and beverages. According to the Survey of Income Maker Organic Trade Association 2005, non-organic food has only increased 32.5% from US $ 744. This category of organic supplements leaders (only a 29% growth in $ 238 dollars) and personal care was ($ 2.8 million percent growth $ 282) products.


Carlton E. Turner, President and CEO, we are committed to protecting our environment and provide raw materials and finished products of the highest quality to our customers, "he said. In fact, I'm very dedicated to organic organic approach us my home ".


Carrington - Green Company


And the practice of organic farming methods, Carrington extends the "green philosophy" in all aspects of global management. It is the seat of organic gardening methods used, and all facilities are recycling programs in plastic, aluminum, paper place you.


Recycling program extends to a subsidiary of Carrington estate industries that use Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera aloe vera and compost shell that is sent back to the farm is used. Aloe Vera farm also uses the latest techniques of soil conservation, drainage and irrigation in order to not adversely affect the neighborhood or community in excess rainwater runoff.


About Carrington


Carrington Laboratories, Inc. is a 9001 research-based, biopharmaceutical and consumer products company ISO and take advantage of the products on the market naturally occurs in complex carbohydrates current carbon manufacturing and mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care, that no dietary supplement manufacturing and raw materials Manapol (R) and Hydrapol cosmetic raw materials market (TM). Carrington has been manufacturing and selling consumer products and the production of quality products for other companies. Manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards.