Aloe Vera has a way of healing a beautiful skin. He evaluates everything burns for acne. Each hospital fire watch must Aloe Vera plant. This is great for burn treatment. Every kitchen should have this robust plant. You do not have to live in a desert cactus to grow. Preferably in the sun, it grows almost everywhere.


If you have an aloe vera plant in the garden in the kitchen and keep a few. I love the sun. If a plant, the leaves are large enough to use enough dough, so let to grow until at least 3-5 years of age.


So you can use plants.


1. The plant's large, precise fleshy leaves.

The maximum amount of transparent gel half-length plate to unveil 2nd disc.

3. What gel spoon and place in a clean container.

4. Just avoid the yellow liquid under the shell. The material is very disturbing. Wash the gel that you saved.


This gel can directly burn it quiet.

You can either act as a beauty.

5 minutes in boiling water alone (skin irritation from the shell, yellow or brown liquid) clean. Then you can use the gel as a skin care or hair gel.