Aloe Vera juice the pot dries just in the summer. dirt firmly difference and allow you to pull over the pot of water until just before. Aloe Vera needs very little water in winter. There are a lot of good watering once every two to three weeks.


Harvest the outer leaves of Aloe Vera is a small cut on the underside of plant leaves to treat burns and longitudinal cutting. descended out of the right knife to reveal the gel. Scalp and hair ON DELAY

dandruff conditions caused by this application of aloe vera gel on the scalp, seborrhea (dermatitis) is a good treatment for psoriasis and hair loss.


Use a plant aloe vera gel instead of commercial hair gel; Friction or small amounts of combed hair and style as usual.

USE CARE Aloe Vera periodontal

inflammation, apply aloe vera gel directly to damaged or diseased gums to speed up the pain and healing. Help in the fight against tooth decay and other dental hygiene regimen to reduce plaque add aloe gel.



To create a sleight of hand, a cup of water, aloe gel powder ½ teaspoon solved. Add one teaspoon of boric acid to speed up the healing process. Pour solution with a coffee filter before the eyes of the application.


Strains and muscle aches Aloe YTL

aloe vera gel absorbs quickly into the skin of the plant and is known to reduce inflammation and pain, as well as sprains, strains, muscle aches and arthritis pain works well. Apply aloe gel to the throat area 2-3 times a day with a cold compress.