Today, however, the first unique culture. Corn, citrus, Delicious Aloe Vera Drink, rice production has virtually ceased. In order to provide better farming possible performance.


previous area was one of the great poverty. Some job opportunities in the region, more than 20% of male labor migration to another better find a better prospect area.

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Today about 90% difference in the area of the primary population induces a part of household income. In other words, it means that the family 200,000. Larger properties are not gatyiyi in India, Sri Lanka, Malawi, or; Instead, the main cash crop cultivation as a land of the individual family, and worked as a family unit. With children harvesting participation, working families.


Primary agriculture is to create an average annual employment of six months. Many villagers supplement their income with seasonal work in the Delicious Aloe Vera Drink plant. It becomes an important economic activity in all regions. Market development in order to strengthen the strong local economy, and supported by the government.


The effects of high profits improved level of living reality shows a wider range and refrigerator, radio, television, washing machine internal resistance almost universal property of food, including fivefold increase in predators repetition. Similarly, Delicious Aloe Vera Drink ownership has increased greatly.