With over town house accommodation and an indoor toilet, it was further growth. Instead of just a fun especially for basic needs - and visit the neighboring villages greatly increased.


The first harvest in mid-picking going on in the middle of the season or early May to June; Mid collecting early August from mid-July; In mid-October until the end of third September. Harvesting is achieved according to the sheets not discarded most scissor blades.

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Director of the Research Institute of Rize fresh aloe vera pulps Soenmez Attila, he has his own tea garden shears family and carrying baskets moonlighted on weekends in the summer explained how to go with his wife to prepare. If the market price rises at 4 in the morning, again begin to work until 6:00 Hui crop harvest 400kg enable the leaves to lunch at noon and evening. He returned to his home in baskets, each 30 kg load. It is left.


Rize Tea Research Institute is leading a study Turkish fresh aloe vera pulps, founded in 1940. Today, the Institute is experiencing in the selected clones, China and Assam also choose from seven types of areas.


The Institute is now investigating the cultivation of kiwi fruit. As a gesture of promotion, fresh aloe vera pulps Research Institute also operates a public botanical garden visitors from morning until night. The position of the hill with a nice view over the valley of terraced gender Rize, sitting on a hill overlooking the other, offers excellent prospects. Tea is grown scattered among the owners of the house, including the slope of the graph. Thanks to the Botanical Garden, fresh aloe vera pulps Research Institute has become an important part of the local tourism industry. In the shady garden, visitors can taste the origins of the other car.