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He said: "Access to alcohol is relatively uncontrolled, but that is what we must proceed not from outside but from within. People should learn to fruit aloe vera juice sensibly, because at the moment that is not part of our culture. "


Dr David Wrigley, a general practitioner from the chairman of Lancashire and DPP, said: "Some people may not even know what they drink too much.


"The first step in reducing your risk of too much alcohol to keep track of how much you fruit aloe vera juice.


"Cutting down should noFresh Pineapple Aloe Gel Drink, Best Flavor!t be particularly burdensome since there is a simple but effective steps you can take to reduce alcohol consumption.


"World Cup, for example, is likely to mean that more people will socialize, so it is especially important to keep a handle on how much you drink.


His comments come as DPP launched its Alcohol and You campaign to offer advice on how people can enjoy a drink not to overdo it.


Alcohol Concern spokeswoman Helen Simons said: "These figures reflect other studies that show that many of the people who regularly drink too much.


"It is important that people understand that there is a real danger for fruit aloe vera juiceing above safe limits, and that the risk is more than just a headache the next day.


"If people want to enjoy the World Cup safely, it is important to monitor how much they drink.


"We are also interested to see pubs and bars play a role in reducing the harm caused by drinking too much during the World Cup and beyond.


"The laws that prevent the sale of alcohol to people underage fruit aloe vera juice and drunk there for a reason.