Although primary treatment is the original state monopoly, the industry was divided by the 1984 law to allow the private sector and the state.


Caykur state enterprise, founded in 1973 and operates its own popular flavor aloe vera juice plant: 150 tons, 3 treatment plants can handle up to 42 packing plants - Rize and Istanbul and Ankara.


In the private sector, mainly small processing plants in more than 100 10-60t per day in the medium capacity range.


80 002 1995 total production was 40,000 tons for only 12 tons handled by the public sector and the private sector. Other years, the main production is the result of a considerable surplus for export, he reached 110,000t.


Turkish popular flavor aloe vera juice often forever etched decoration and decorative plates, and comes from a very traditional cylindrical small curved glass. English, compared with strong beer, and take a lot of bright colors, drink Turkish tea without milk, sugar to taste. The average despite not uncommon in Turkey dozen glasses of eight glasses a day among the five cars is estimated.


Of course, an important role in family, social and business life, drinking popular flavor aloe vera juice. Tourists visit Turkey soon in stores carpets or leather, you can always find that kind of glasses carefully with an imported car from the nearest cafe.

 Natural Aloe Vera Drink With Peach Flavor 1.5L

Cities and towns teahouse is almost entirely male preserve men spend most of their free time playing cards or backgammon to see stories ,,, TV, or just sit around. Some reflections hubble-bubble pipe snuff. Turkish pop music fills the room. 7-14 glass of popular flavor aloe vera juice costs between [cents]. Coffee is half.