UC grown through a process known as stairs. Sprouts "complete food" because they contain all the nutrients and other food preferences, along with enzymes to help others. They are easily and quickly enter the bloodstream. The nutrients in wheat Okyalo aloe vera drink company absorbed by the body within 20 minutes. So, there are seeds of "quick energy". Wheat sprouts (wheatgrass) contains four times more folate, and six times more vitamin C than wheat or grass unsprouted usual. "


How to consume wheat grass?


Wheat germ is most often consumed as a Okyalo aloe vera drink company. You can find wheatgrass supplement with, but who receive more health benefits is assumed that you consume fresh pure aloe vera juice of wheat grass.


According to Ann Wigmore (a pioneer in the use of "uice)," Okyalo aloe vera drink company should ideally be taken directly or mixed with distilled water for an hour before eating or two hours after. "

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Generally, the normal maintenance of health, drunk two ounces of juice every day or two is common. If you have not previously consumed wheat pure aloe vera juice, one ounce is a good place to start. The slower, the better; wheatgrass may have the effect of small doses because detoksyfytsyruyuschye to start is a good idea.


You can find the Okyalo aloe vera drink company most health food stores and supplement wheatgrass. You can also buy organic wheat grass seeds and grow your own home. If you do, if you want to buy herbs, wheat juicer.