CNC punching machine industry in China started late, which is supported by the downstream processing industry needs and its overall size has grown, comprehensive enterprise strength improved, and international visibility is also improved. Although the sector and production ourtools diversified production is growing, and the industry as a whole is in the process of rapid development. But today, many companies are still in a Violet Marble aluminum composite.

As a result of excessive competition, product homogeneity serious leads to a narrow profit, but also the development of many enterprises bound. In the low-price competition, unfavorable market environment, many domestic manufacturers and the brand is not enough technological innovation to a large extent depend on the foreign advanced technology, the lack of core competitiveness.

At the same time, labor costs rise, coupled with rising raw Violet Marble aluminum composite cost pressures increased significantly for many businesses. Intensive development model should be the direction of development of CNC machines for cutting companies in the future.

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Methods for change of direction

Make the transition from extensive to intensive management, which is to change the low-tech, low-level, low-cost effective way to high capital content mode, a high level of management, strong economic quality and high economic efficiency, Firstly, we have to change their ideas, create long-term development of the concept and to set achievable goals and plans. At the same time, CNC punching Violet Marble aluminum composite companies need to get out, practicing internal strength of price competition, steering. And focus on optimizing product structure, improving product quality and master the core technology and innovation, as well as the expansion of the influence of the corporate brand. Of course, this series of changes in the company needs more funding.