Corten steel and similar PVDF coated aluminum composite materials

The US Steel, despite a registered name architect often called "Corten" are commonly called to use a special type of corrugated steel and Corten steel case features on a similar generic. Corten steel like an unpainted steel, rust Although the fine-grained steel, rust fine molecules, which limits the depth and forms an effective protective layer of rust, steel consolidation. (Outside US Steel, which is always used when the coating is rejected), the most common PVDF coated aluminum composite materials types of suppliers have been ensuring for 40 years, so durability, similar to other steel surfaces. It will, however, spot cement introduction and foundation walls; Some landlords do not have the rustic effect; Others like it.

 JY-6001 Flashing Silver Gray

Fake-Corten Fleck not

If I like the look of Corten and similar steel but not like dying problem, steel and aluminum plates are more or less finished with duplicates of the corte appearance of a polyvinyl fluoride powder products (Kynar dominating brand) with disorder. US Steel will also be replaced by Cort makes you look like a tiger. More and more manufacturers offer a different unpainted metal look to replicate similar false surfaces naturally, some permanently new and shiny or antiqued worn others.


PVDF coated aluminum composite materials front types

Aluminum siding Steel siding is a similar color and texture options comes with topcoats similar to the existing ones. High resistance to corrosion such as steel is the low maintenance product. Flat screens and corrugated steel plates as well as income, and there are many different types of gutters. Several aluminum manufacturers (new or antiqued) corrugated aluminum products, copper and zinc with a fake imitation eye corten polyvinyl coating, as well as provide similar products.