Playpen lychee aloe vera juice drink are bombarded with new arrivals in the last year, with big brand names splashing out on NPD and little kids' sizes designed to fit Lanchboks.


The companies also dug deep into their pockets to kickstart sales and steal a march on their competitors.


In the children's drinks, the sector still continues to outpace its fizzy colleague. Seeking to build on this trend, manufacturers of juices and water were quickly produce new proposals that are appropriate for Lanchboks, while their rivals effervescent been busy trying to claw back market share. However, despite the flurry of activity, there is plenty of room for growth, with figures of TNS significant that less than half of all lunch boxes include cold drink [52 w / d in November 2005].


In April, PepsiCo launched Tropicana Go !, What is seen as the first major juice drink for children do not contain "any abominable thing anyway." Contains 70% juice and 30% water, a beginner can be safely at ambient temperatures up to eight hours, which makes it perfect for lunch boxes for children. Starting now relies on 5m [pounds sterling] media push this year.


Elsewhere, Coca-Cola Enterprises recently threw Capri-Sun L00% juice to the mix, offering, which contains no added sugar, sweeteners, additives or preservatives. Common brand Capri-Sun this year benefit from a package of support 2.3m [pounds].


"Consumer research shows that 55% of pregnant women looking for products without added sugar and 38% without any artificial colors," says the head of CCE health and wellness Jason Hood.


Panda also gave his children a range of fruit lychee aloe vera juice drink overhaul, including new packaging with sleek bottle that fits into a standard lunch box. Another range with two new flavors - strawberry & banana and apple & blackcurrant while less carbonated natural flavors of its range, such as blue raspberry, have been eliminated.

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Barr Soft lychee aloe vera juice drink also has his eyes firmly on the school market. In September, it launches a range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, timed to the back to school period. St Clement simply consists of fruit still tastes of apple and black currant, tropical and apples and raspberries while a sparkle consisting of apples, mixed fruit and apples and grapes and strawberries.


In carbonates, the latter Vimto advertising campaign, which focuses on the adventures of schoolboy Billy, aimed at strengthening the brand to life Lunchbox market, and its taste credentials.


"Carbonates have been through difficult times. However, our recent data indicate that Fizzy Vimto of 5.9% year on year in value terms," ​​says brand manager Claire Nildu.


The company had to step up their game as school refilling water scheme continues to spill in schools across the country. "The scheme affects sales, but the water is still seen as boring option," said Deborah Carter, creative director of innovation in brand agency Dragon. "Savvy companies get around this by offering more interesting equivalents of water."