Oh, the wonderful things the pure aloe vera gel can be used. it burns, scrapes and years, when applied to the wound, I knew it was a good treatment gel of the aloe vera plant. But I can use aloe vera gel has come to learn how much information here, I'll share some of these applications and advantages.



, Abrasions, cuts, sunburn, burns, blisters, cold sores, rashes and insect bites to prevent direct aid to fight bacteria and infection apply the gel from an aloe vera leaf. Gel to relieve pain and to ensure that recovery with little or no fear is capable of the regeneration of skin cells. Area / wound per day until healing aloe gel 2-3 times that.


Use aloe vera gel for general skin care. soften and favorite skin cream to moisturize the skin, use the gel alone or together to help. Since re aloe skin cells, but also the sun / aging to reduce stains and other stains, wrinkles, eczema, acne is known. At the same time after radiation treatment it is gentle enough for sensitive skin care.


Aloe vera gel wheat plant seed oil to reduce bruising and can be combined with safflower flower.