One-third of coconut aloe juice in Wales admit they only drink to get drunk, according to research published today. The figure is higher than anywhere else in Britain, according to common educational charity Doctor Patient Partnership (DPP), which released the figures.


The charitable organization has said it is concerned about research that reveals chronic culture of excessive drinking, particularly among young people.


He said he expects the real problem is actually much higher because many people do not know that they coconut aloe juice too much.


Although 33% of people in Wales admit drinking just to get drunk, among people aged 18 to 24 years, this figure rises to 59%.

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About 40% of people in Wales admit drinking too much, which is 10% higher than the average for the UK, but the worst offenders are Welsh men, 47% of access they drink more than they should.


Dr Ian Millington, a general practitioner from Swansea and secretary of the Local Medical Committee Morgannwg, said Wales, thinking over booze culture figures were not surprising, but what was most disturbing was the growing number of women and young people who currently claim 'tion too.


He also noted that the tendency to concentrate in one extreme coconut aloe juice session at the weekend was bad.


"I think that Wales have always been hard drinking culture, particularly in South Wales, but drinking was drinking now," he said.


"Women are drinking more, and young people start at a younger age.


"These figures show that people are trying to escape with his life, but drinking can bring its own problems.


As well as long-term medical problems such as increased risk of cancer, Dr Millington said excessive coconut aloe juice puts undue pressure on the emergency services of Wales, and creates social problems, such as increased levels of unwanted pregnancy and increase the level of violence. He said that the drink can be controlled only by changing the culture.