"Clean hands are the most important factor in preventing the spread of dangerous germs and antibiotic resistance in health care settings," said Dr. Julie Gerber, director of the CDC said in a statement.


One of the main reasons health workers out of rough, dry skin, and not in accordance with the procedure your hands often cracked in three. Contact dermatitis is called, the condition affects millions of national health care workers. The condition is worsened by the cool, dry air of winter.


"If the discomfort it (skin), you put a glove or hand do not want to wash your hands because you know you'll get dry and irritating, but part of the job and you do it," Seton Mary Jane McGeoy, San Francisco, California RN, director of wound care at the medical center said.


One solution to this potential problem is Aloe touch pain, aloe vera, daily excellent skin care lined with the same material as the inner product used in the innovative examination gloves. Literally, including Seton Medical Center in San Francisco, thousands of nurses across the country right now, to help calm water in their hands and use gloves Aloetouch.


"In the past we have powder, without latex and non-latex gloves contain a powder, has all kinds of uses, we still irritation, rashes and dry" McGeoy said. "Now, we have found a Aloetouch, this problem is much more comfortable to use gloves and our hands have gone longer, you can get gold without drying out."